DMSS Additions

The Dynamic Modbus Slave Simulator now also support the Digital Outputs from the RTU/2 extending the simulation capabilities

Station App

The Station App is now fully integrated with the Liquid Flow Computer App. Six Meter Runs and a displacement prover are supported

Virtual Prover Lite

Virtual Prover Lite allows a programmable number of proving cycle to be initiated, collects and displays the proving data in real time, and allows the data to be copied to other applications, such as a spreadsheet, with a single click.

Pico RTU

The Pico RTU is a robust data gathering unit which can interface directly with the Quorum/FlowCal PROVEit & TESTit programs for meter proving. Bidirection & Unidirection Ball provers, Small volume provers and Master Metering are all supported


The NÅNO311™ is a fully programmable flow computer designed around our CǁCure™ engine (a highly predictable processing platform).