P568 MPIM (aka The Pulse Wizard)

The Multi-Pulse Input Module (MPIM) can be used in four different roles:

Role 1

Working in combination with the NÅNO, the MPIM provides six additional turbine inputs for a range of applications from master meter provers with multiple master meters, to highly cost effective Station Flow Computers.

Role 2

As a standalone station device, pulses can be counted and summated, and unique features, such as the Near Unity Scalar function (NUS) can be utilised to generate a low jitter frequency output pulse stream with a meter factor level correction from a dynamic input pulse stream.

Role 3

The very high resolution pulse period measurement and visualization tool, the Newflow Jitterscope™.

Role 4

As an encoder proving in conjunction with the NÅNO proving computer. When used with the shortly to be released “rodless” prover, it enables multiple passes to occur within a single stroke of this unique prover.

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