Pico RMU

3D Model

The Pico RMU provides a subset of the NÅNO RTU features, but all the features and connectivity required to work directly with the Quorum/FlowCal PROVEit & TESTit programs for meter proving in conjunction with captive piston “small volume” provers as well as both unidirectional and bidirectional ball provers. Master Meter proving is also supported.

The RS232 interface to the host PC is optically isolated and the digital inputs & outputs, as well as the meter pulse inputs are also isolated and are identical to the NÅNO RTU. The Pico RTU has eight high accuracy 4-20 mA analog inputs, which can be used for temperature, pressure, density/gravity or flow rate, when used with analog meters.

When used as an RTU, all the data can be acquired using Modbus on either the RS422 or RS232 ports.

The Pico RMU can be easily configured using the TorqueWrench, a Windows program, available free of charge from Newflow Distributors.

The Pico RMU can be ordered in two formats. The DIN rail mounted enclosure is shown above, or as an encapsulated “potted” unit, for more arduous environmental locations, as shown below.

3D Model

The potted unit can be screwed down to a surface, or DIN rail mounted using the optional mounting kit.

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