NÅNO Applications

Liquid Flow Computer

  • Volume correction for Crude & Refined Products, API MPMS Ch 11.1 2012 and 1980, Tables A & B, NGL with TP27/API 11.2.4 & TP15, and water
  • Multi-product, up to 12 individual product types with MF per product
  • Baseline & Proved meter factors management per product or a Reynolds number corrected MF can be applied when used with an Endress + Hauser Promass 300 Coriolis meter
  • Single 10 Point K-Factor linearization with override
  • Both Pulse Fidelity and Line Integrity options can be selected
  • Support for a Fast Loop or Header density meter, with separate T & P corrections
  • PID analog output based upon either the Main flow meter flow rate or to control the Fast Loop (slipstream or bypass) flow rate
  • Optional Local Panel (and web browser mimic) with configurable security for meter technician interface
  • Built in data logger and graphical trending display, downloadable for spreadsheet analysis
  • Batch initiation via website, Modbus, XML comms, Local Panel display, digital input or calendar events
  • Support for Single or Dual samplers
  • Sophisticated Alarm system with critical data logging and additional user configurable Alarms
  • Densitometer interface with a range of inputs. These can be analog, period mode (with Solatron calibration constants) or Digital Communications from a Coriolis meter
  • Snapshot report with instantaneous values and a selectable rolling average period for Density, Temperature & Pressure (for pycnometer verification)
  • Low frequency cut off for meter input
  • Support for multiple printers, serial and networked, and reports can automatically uploaded to an FTP site, and the optional SD Card
  • Browser based PC interface for programming. No special software needed
  • Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Batch, Proving and Meter Tech reports

Unified Prover

Master Meter

Differential Pressure Gas Flow Computer

Gas Turbine Flow Computer

Integrated LACT Controller

Sampler System Validation Package

Other Miscellaneous Applications…

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