Newflow Ltd

With a combined experience of over 150 years in the design and programming of flow computers and fiscal measurement, the team behind the NÅNO Flow Computer hardware, runtime software and the revolutionary Visual C||Cure™ design environment has created a product combining accurate and stable
hardware with a software platform which guarantees reliable, repeatable and predictable operation yet has unprecedented flexibility.

The NÅNO Flow Computer is supported by range of additional software tools and signal conditioners and is a complemented by the Remote Measurement Unit (RMU), a fiscal quality RTU as well as the Pico RMU, designed specifically for meter proving applications.

Newflow also provide a design and optional manufacturing service for a range of companies operating in the energy sector. Our services are totally confidential, so although we would love to tell you where and for whom our designs are used, we won’t!

All Newflow products are designed in-house, so we have the in‑depth knowledge of every byte of software and every component in our extensive product range.

Telephone, email and video chat are all supported, aided by the diagnostic facilities built into our products.

Newflow can provide in-person training on the full range of products and their integration, either on-site or at our office in the UK.

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Newflow Ltd have found the perfect manufacturing partner in Norcott Technologies.

As well as offering full procurement, assembly, test, calibration and box build, Norcott have a highly capable engineering design team.

Norcott’s Design for Manufacturing (DfM) process re-designed and cost reduced our original Gen1 NÅNO Flow Computer, boosting processor performance and increasing both the accuracy and MTBF whilst improving long term product availability.

Norcott also performed the Gen3 re-design, incorporating
our minor enhancements and again mitigating for component obsolescence.

Norcott are ISO9001:2015 compliant and in addition have Aerospace & Defence accreditation as well as Medical Devices certification.

For additional information on Norcott Technologies, see their website at

Newflow is co-located with Mercury HMI Ltd and shares the same Hardware Development laboratory facilities.

Mercury HMI designs and manufactures hazardous area Operator Terminals and Access Control equipment for use in almost all hazardous locations.

The Mercury Terminal has been ready for the Hydrogen economy since 1980.

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Newflow is accredited to ISO9001:2015.

The NÅNO Flow Computer has the following accreditations:

  • Gen3 MID approval – NMi Certificates NMi-2502312-01, NMi-2502312-02, NMi-2607496-01
  • Gen2 MID approval (Liquid Flow Computer) – NMRO EC Parts Certificate GB-1569
  • Gen2 MID approval (Gas Application) – NMRO EC Type-examination Certificate UK/0126/0200

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